We’re going to Unbridled Grace May 3-5, 2017!  Gill Jordan is hosting a Faith Based Equine Assisted Philosophy Seminar Certification in Ash Vale, Haunt England!  If you are a native London-ite we want to see you there!  This is a date with your destiny (ours, too!).  More information to come soon!

Meet Gill at www.unbridledgrace.org



We just completed the first FBEAP Seminar Certification at Rancho Del Lago, in McDade, TX!  We had a 10+ group of facilitators in training!  We stepped into healing and deliverance powerfully and simply.  As we allowed Holy Spirit, and the horses, we could clearly locate lies we have believed to be true and replace them with His Truth!  We saw how important it is to know the difference between something that is true, and the Truth that sets us free!

We worshipped under the pin oaks, worshipped at sunrise overlooking the river valley, and worked among the gorgeous, majestic Andalusians!  We had two salvations and many emotional healings’.  I’m not sure it can get much better!  God is opening the eyes of our understanding to see Him more clearly and to know that the Kingdom has come in us!

Hi Gals and Guys!

We’re heading to Hawaii next month for a private Faith Based Equine Assisted Philosophy Certification!  A very focussed lady wants to be certified as soon as possible so she can begin to do the work with teens and women that God has called her to.  She can’t get away to come to the mainland to get Certified so she is bringing me to her ranch to learn to use her horses to “Set the Captives Free”!

If we can be of assistance to you in this way, call us at 608-712-6217 or email us at elaine@unbridledfaith.org



Thank you for sharing your imparted wisdom with us to help us grow in our relationship with our Jesus!  I appreciate all your sacrifices made –   and your loving heart


Hello Elaine-

The staff at City Church want to thank you for such an awesome day away at your Farm.  Your testimony was awesome, the exercises with the horses were beautiful and stretching and all very teachable.

Than your staff, too, who helped out!  Such dear women to be part of your ministry.  You’re blessed to have them and they’re blessed to be a part.

We had such a great day.  We pray that your ministry (God’s given this to you!) will grow and flourish and bring healing and growth to those in Chris and those who don’t yet know God.

Be Blessed!

The City Church Staff

Join us at the Stamman’s Bed and Breakfast for the Impact Ministries International Women and Horses Healing Conference.  We will meet at the Bed and Breakfast, meet and greet, worship, and then head to Wyndam Rose Equestrian Center for equine assisted learning exercises that will help us to locate the  hidden things of the heart that have causde us pain and kept us from living the Zoe (God kind of life) life.  We will locate lies we have believed and replace them with the Truth that heals and sets us free while partnering with beautiful gentle horses!

The cost of Equine Assisted Exercises is $80.00  The Bed and Breakfast and meals is $70.00.  If you simply would like to come to the event but not spend the evening it is $50.00 for IMI and $80.00 to Unbridled LLC for the EAL exercises at Wyndam Rose Equine Center.

We will meet at Stamman’s at 9:00 a.m. Friday.  We’ll head to Wyndam Rose at 10:00 a.m. and then back to Stamman’s at noon for lunch.  At 1:00 p.m. we will head back to Wyndam Rose for afternoon exercises and return at 4:00 for a little R&R before dinner.   We will have a message on Friday night from Pam Rosch on Hearing the Voice That Heals, followed by prayer and soaking  in the Holy Spirit.  Sunday will be simular.  We will end at 3:00 at Wyndam Rose, then back to Stamman’s for a closing message and prayer.


Call Pam Rosch 612-251-7998

Or Elaine Davis 608-712-6217


Unbridled Faith Farm-Team Building/Leadership Training
October 28, 2015 ·
Horses teaching spiritual lessons:
City Church blog: Pastor Tom Flaherty
Weekly Devotions
Horse Talk
“In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it…yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you; He waits to show you compassion.” Isaiah 30:15; 18

Last week my wife and I went with our missionaries to a horse farm where horses are used to teach spiritual truth. Our director asked all of us to be quiet while we observed her with a horse who was unfamiliar with her. She asked us to imagine her as God, and the horse as us and encouraged us to listen to what the Holy Spirit might teach through the experience.
She was in the middle of a circular pen set up in the arena and had a head set microphone on that allowed us to hear everything she was saying without her having to raise her voice. The horse was then let in with her and she began speaking softly to him, but he was having none of it. He began running around in circles ignoring her, but she kept speaking and never took her eyes off of him.
Once in a while the horse would kick or change direction or even speed up to let her know he resented being locked up in this small space with her. She just kept speaking tenderly and waited for him to tire out. Finally it happened.
All at once the horse stopped, went right to her, and bowed his head, letting her touch him. She told us this was an act of surrender. Now when she spoke and walked around the horse followed her wherever she went.
Here are some of the reflections the team gave:
1. The circular pen was something artificial that she created for the purpose of establishing relationship with the horse. Our circumstances are like the pen. God allows us to feel penned in only for the reason that we might come to Him, surrender, and establish relationship.

2. Even though the horse ignored the director, she never took her eyes off of him and never stopped speaking to him. God’s eye is on us even when we resent our circumstances and kick and snort to communicate our unhappiness to Him. What does He do? As the text above reads, “He waits to show you compassion.”

3. No matter how fast the horse went in circles it wasn’t going anywhere. We think our strength is in activity but there can be a lot of activity with no progress. Just because we’re busy doesn’t mean we’re actually going anywhere.

4. Horses were created to be ridden in the beautiful outdoors, not stuck in a pen. God wants to “ride us” or have an intimate relationship where we become one with Him. The sooner we embrace this purpose, the sooner the adventure of where He will take us will begin.

5. It was amazing how quickly everything changed when the horse decided to surrender. It stopped on a dime, went to the middle, and decided to submit instead of fight. All the prodigal had to do was come home. All we need to do is repent and rest in Him. He’s waiting for us to get tired of doing it on our own, so we will return and He can have compassion on us.

Have a great week,

I was in my office (Legacy’s stall ) and was struggling to get the mud out of her feet. I was about ready to call it ‘good enough’ when the Holy Spirit pointed something out to me. He said, there is a stone lodged next to her frog. If you give up now she will get an abscess and be lame. You can’t quit just because it’s hard. If you don’t get what doesn’t belong lodged in her foot, out , she will experience harm. The same goes for you. You must deal with what doesn’t belong in your heart if you desire a healthy life! You can’t just swallow your pain, self medicate or ignore what’s hurting you. You must work hard to enter the rest! You must fight the fight of faith. What’s in the dark must be brought to the Light!

A brand new FBEAP Seminar Certification is coming to an arena near you 🙂  We are introducing the Stable Herd (Healthy Families) Stable Guide Seminar.  We will teach you how to lead families toward experiencing what God has intended for his children concerning the family.  The horses thrive by positively confronting everything, maintaining peace, moving forward to greener pastures, staying safe, paying attention, knowing their place in the herd, as t hey maintain unity at all costs!  This is a fun, 100 % effective, family enhancement tool!

October 14-16  we have our first Stable Herd booked at Shiloh Meadows Ranch, in Campton Hills, IL.  Our wonderful Hostess is Bonnie Phillips.  This Certification Seminar will teach you to partner with The Unseen Facilitator (The Holy Spirit) and horses to develop healthy, stable families.  The question remains… what will it costs families if they don’t understand how to thrive in the midst of the times and situations we find ourselves in.

You can call us today at 608-712-6217 to book a FBEAP – Stable Herd at your farm or ranch!  It’s exciting to see what God will do through this new Certification Seminar.


Elaine and Tom

The snow has begun to fall, the temperature is falling, the fireplace is blazing inside, and outside I can see the horses filling up on lots of good hay in their new pasture.   I’m enjoying all of this in Mankato, MN, with my new husband Tom Davis!  That’s right, I married the man of my dreams and we have relocated Unbridled LLC to Mankato, MN!    Tom and I are very busy getting the horses settled into their new white fenced farm just outside of town.

Unbridled LLC has relocated (better with Tom’s business savvy!) and will continue to serve those who desire to partner with The Holy Spirit and horses to help ‘Set the Captives Free’ and empower the body of Christ to be all that Jesus died for her to be.  Our contact information remains the same;  phone: 608-712-6217 and email: elaine@unbridledfaith.org

This year I will use the business name: Elaine Davis.  This is only for the benefit of our clients.  Personally, I am (and always will be :)) Elaine Davis.

I’m looking forward to Tom getting to meet you all in the near future!  Tom has a business here in Mankato, Davis Comfort Systems, is a professional fisherman (for fun!), has a ministry called Reel Faith Outdoors. and does a fund raising fishing tournament for  Teen Challenge/Young Life each spring. Tom is one of us… a real horse lover!  He roped cattle for a lot of years, has two wonderful geldings of his own, and has put a lot of work into making a wonderful place for my mares to settle into!  Our family is now complete; Tom and me,  Bailey, our British Cream Lab, our four horses, Buck, Trinity, Charlie, and Legacy!  We’re all together and ready for our first Minnesota winter as a family!

I also want to thank you for all your support, grace, mercy, and love during the past months!  There have been so many exciting and challenging changes; it’s been a stretch to keep up on everything 🙂  We are currently working on the web site, schedules, and new ideas for 2016!  Stay tuned for updates on what God is leading Unbridled LLC to in this new season!

Be sure to call me to book your event in 2016!  We are looking for 6 horse farms that would like to be an official Unbridled LLC Host sight.  This would mean that we would return every or every other year, and would not only do a Certification Seminar but also classes geared at getting your business/ministry up and running strong!  We are looking for a well equipped horse farm in each zone of the U.S., as well as the U.K. Austrailia, Canada, etc.  This will allow for a more thougough training opportunities for FBEAP Facilitators.  I will blog about this more in the coming months!

Elaine and Tom