A brand new FBEAP Seminar Certification is coming to an arena near you 🙂  We are introducing the Stable Herd (Healthy Families) Stable Guide Seminar.  We will teach you how to lead families toward experiencing what God has intended for his children concerning the family.  The horses thrive by positively confronting everything, maintaining peace, moving forward to greener pastures, staying safe, paying attention, knowing their place in the herd, as t hey maintain unity at all costs!  This is a fun, 100 % effective, family enhancement tool!

October 14-16  we have our first Stable Herd booked at Shiloh Meadows Ranch, in Campton Hills, IL.  Our wonderful Hostess is Bonnie Phillips.  This Certification Seminar will teach you to partner with The Unseen Facilitator (The Holy Spirit) and horses to develop healthy, stable families.  The question remains… what will it costs families if they don’t understand how to thrive in the midst of the times and situations we find ourselves in.

You can call us today at 608-712-6217 to book a FBEAP – Stable Herd at your farm or ranch!  It’s exciting to see what God will do through this new Certification Seminar.



Faith Based Equine Asssisted Philosophy-Seminar Certification

When:  April 26-th-28th, 2019

Where:  Eagles Nest Ranch

36998 Timber Dr.

Elizabeth, CO  80107

Hostess:   Suzy Rogers  Mackenzie

This Seminar Certification is good for ministers, counselors, and non-profit/for profit groups that help people.

We will learn to partner with horses and Holy Spirit, our Unseen Facilitators, to set people free from painful emotions.  The Holy Spirit will locate lies we have believed to be true about ourselves, and replaces it with the Truth that sets us free!  We’ll learn to hear and respond to the Holy Spirit… The Voice That Heals.

This is applicable:

*Fear   *Anxiety   *Shame   *Regret  *Intimacy with Jesus

*Depression   *Healthy Boundaries   *Relationships

*Clear Communication   *Creative Thinking

*Wrong Patterns of Thought and Actions

*Broken hearts   *Self Esteem   *Identity

Cost:  $895.00  Individual

$795.00 Three or more sign up together at the same time.

$795.00 Returning FBEAP – Foundation Facilitators (you have attended this Foundation Seminar before)

$695.00 Retruning FBEAP – Foundation Facilitators – three or more sign up at the same time.

*More details will be posted very soon.  Call Susan Thayer to book you spot ASAP!

**Each Seminar is New, Unique, and Current.  No two Seminar’s are the same!  2019 is full of new Rhema and Revelation of “THE WORD AND THE HERD!”

This is a beautiful location and wonderful people hosting!  We’re going to have so much fun!!!

Hotel information coming soon!


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