Carpe Diem!

It’s time to seize the day!  Let’s be sure to be laying the foundation right now for the open doors that are coming in 2017!  I feel so deeply in my spirit that our visions and dreams are opening wider, and manifesting in a big way this year.  That means we need to be working hard right now (like the ant who gathers and prepares so that when ‘winter’ comes he is ready).  Let’s do what we know to do, take a single step, day after day, and before we know it ‘new’, ‘big’ things will be opening to us and we’ll be ready.

It looks like we’re in the ‘dead of winter’ right now (and we are:)), but the life of God is at work beneath the icy snow.  The life of God is at work in our ‘roots’ right now preparing for the growth of our ‘new leaves’ and ‘flowers’ of the springtime that is about to come.  We need to stay focused on our callings.  Stay focused on the FBEAP works that God has called us to.  Prepare our ‘barns and fields’.  Make connections, pray, sow into other FBEAP works, brain storm with like minded Facilitators and ministry friends, write that book, start that Barn Bible Study, make your spring, summer, fall, winter, schedules, plan events, plan to advance your FBEAP education, perfect your talents, study to show yourself approved, step out in faith in any way God challenges you to!  Faith without works is dead.  So… activate now!

When horses see something they want, they go for it!  If they didn’t they wouldn’t survive.  Act like a horse.  Look like a horse.  Thrive like a horse!  Yes you can!