NEW Seminar Certification!  Unbridled From Trauama

Learn to partner with the Holy Spirit (our Unseen Facilitator) and horses to set people free from Trauma of all kinds.  This is applicable to recovery from all kinds of abuse, deeply distressing or disturbing experiences, and physical injury.  Only our living God can actually heal and set a broken heart free.  Only He can Unbridle those in bondage!

Where:  Unbridled! Learning and Training Center

19262 Englewood Rd

Lake Crystal, MN  56005

When:  September 28-30,  2018

Hostess: Elaine Davis – Unbridled LLC

Cost:  $795.00

Mark this date!

Details and registration coming soon!

Certification price includes Certification, lunches, snacks and drinks.

We will go to dinner Saturday evening fIor fun and fellowship.

Bunks available at a beautiful horse camp located on the Lake.  It’s a very simple, peaceful camp and the cabins are right on the water!  Prices and details coming soon.

We will post a list of hotels in the area.



New FBEAP Certification – Unbridled From Grief!

We will experience working with Holy Spirit and horses to lead people to the ‘peace that passes understanding in Christ Jesus’.  The Word of God teaches us that there is a time to mourn and a time for joy, this Certification will show you how to lead people from one season to the next by following the Holy Spirit’s lead.

Where:  Unbridled! Learning and Training Center

Island Farm

19262 Englewood Rd

Lake Crystal, MN  56055

Contact:  Elaine Davis


When:  May 18-20.2018

Cost:  $795.00

Mark this date!  Registration will be available shortly.  We are working on the 2018 Calendar of Events!

Unbridled! will have a Horse Camp on the Lake available to our clients this year. (No horse boarding available) It is beautiful, simple, and peaceful; perfect for a Retreat!  It is less than a quarter mile from our facility!  God is good!  I will get that information to you as soon as prices and offerings are settled.




Good Day Gals n Guys!

It’s hard to believe the leaves are turning beautiful fall colors, and Charlie and Legacy are growing their cold weather coats already, here in MN!  We’ve had such an exciting year of growth and repositioning.  The new Unbridled! Learning and Training Center is open and serving our community, I’m continueing to heal from a total knee replacement, we completed the new Stable Guide Seminar-Leadership Advance, and we’re busy finalizing two new Stable Guide topics for next year!  In May we will be doing the new Stable Guide topic – Stable Recovery – moving past grief.  Stable Recovery-moving past grief, will address how to receive healing and restoration from the devestating losses  we experience in life.   Unbridled! LLC will also be releasing Stable Ground-Healing from Trauma .  Stable Ground-Healing From Trauma will apply to topics such as abuse, trafficking, and any life circumstances that arise against the will of individuals (victimization).  2018 is going to be a powerful year within the Body of Christ.  Holy Spirit is opening the eyes of our understanding to know how to ‘Set the Captives Free’ in ever more powerful, complete, and lasting ways.

We will be having a Stable Recovery-Healing From Trauma Seminar Certification here in MN in early May and a Stable Ground-Healing from Trauma Seminar Certification in September.  We’re working on the final dates.  I will post it some time this month.

We also have a Stable Guide – Unbridled ! (Setting Captives Free) April 6-8, 20128 in Leander, TX.  We’ll be hosted by Unbridled Connections, Kelly Jones.  More details will be coming soon!

If you would like to Host a FBEAP Seminar Certification or Host a Retreat at your place, call us at 608-712-6217

We are also open here in Lake Crystal, MN, for private client work.  We see individuals, couples, families, and Leadership Development/Team Building.  Contact us for prices.  These sessions can be purchased individually or in 6 packs!

Unbridled! LLC and I Can Finish Well, LLC are joining up to present a Women’s Retreat, Stable Life!  Elaine Davis, founder of Faith Based Equine Assisted Philosophy and the Stable Guide Series is infusing Tracy Boone’s, “I Can Finish Well” book with Faith Based Equine Assisted Learning!

This three day Stable Life Retreat will address Identity, Authority, and caring for the Temple of the Holy Spirit.

For more information you can go to:

Contact:Elaine Davis at 608-712-6217 or email:

Tracy Boone at 303-570-6939 or email:

This retreat includes lunches, snacks, and drinks.

Wear clothes and shoes/boots, suitable for a horse farm and exercising.  The weather can be chilly but we are in an indoor barn and arena.  Dress in layers 🙂

Hotel is not included.  There are many hotels in the area as well as B&B’s.

This retreat is set at a beautiful equestrian center, surrounded by tranquil Lake Crystal.  At the close of this weekend you will feel refreshed, repositioned, restored, invigorated, clear vision, and ready to move forward in life!

Join us for a night of Spirit Led Worship and being changed by the amazing love of God!  Elaine Davis will be sharing the Miraculous story of her unstoppable father and the Breeders Cup!  See how the impossible makes possible the miraculous!  This story will change everything…

We’ll see you in Sleepy Eye, MN at Barnyard Ministries!

We had so much fun in Costa Rica!  Opportunities abound!  Wonderful horsey friends and great, kind horses!

We’re wondering if you would enjoy a Women’s Equestrian Retreat at Costa Rica Equestrian Vacation?!  We would do a fitness time on the beach each morning, eat fresh fruits and local food, followed by FBEAP  exercises for body, mind, and spirit.  Afternoons would be free to explore.  Riding horses on the beach would be an option.  Lots of places to explore!  Monkeys live in the trees throughout the Equestrian Center.  Evenings would be full of fun, relaxation, and healing of the soul… mind, will, and emotions.  It would most likely be a three to five day retreat. We would partner with CREV.  They are a equine vacation business and have a wonderful background in adventure travel, eventing and jumping.  We are thinking about next spring or late this fall.  Let us know if you’d be interested in something like this.

Carpe Diem!

It’s time to seize the day!  Let’s be sure to be laying the foundation right now for the open doors that are coming in 2017!  I feel so deeply in my spirit that our visions and dreams are opening wider, and manifesting in a big way this year.  That means we need to be working hard right now (like the ant who gathers and prepares so that when ‘winter’ comes he is ready).  Let’s do what we know to do, take a single step, day after day, and before we know it ‘new’, ‘big’ things will be opening to us and we’ll be ready.

It looks like we’re in the ‘dead of winter’ right now (and we are:)), but the life of God is at work beneath the icy snow.  The life of God is at work in our ‘roots’ right now preparing for the growth of our ‘new leaves’ and ‘flowers’ of the springtime that is about to come.  We need to stay focused on our callings.  Stay focused on the FBEAP works that God has called us to.  Prepare our ‘barns and fields’.  Make connections, pray, sow into other FBEAP works, brain storm with like minded Facilitators and ministry friends, write that book, start that Barn Bible Study, make your spring, summer, fall, winter, schedules, plan events, plan to advance your FBEAP education, perfect your talents, study to show yourself approved, step out in faith in any way God challenges you to!  Faith without works is dead.  So… activate now!

When horses see something they want, they go for it!  If they didn’t they wouldn’t survive.  Act like a horse.  Look like a horse.  Thrive like a horse!  Yes you can!


FBEAP - Facilitators - CO

It’s almost 2017, and it’s time to start thinking about getting our stride for the new year!  Big dreams require big money and good connections.  Here is one idea that is easy and effective.  Be sure to write your vision, and make it clear, so that when others read it, they can RUN WITH IT!
So You Want to Equity Crowdfund: A No-B.S. Guide to Crowdfunding Your Business – Crowdfund Insider
How to Equity Crowdfund: A guide to crowdfunding your company. Everything you need to know and do to raise money online.

We are in a race, the only race that all can win!  It is the race that God set before us!  He has a special race for each one of us, and specific position for us in that race.  Let’s saddle up, mount up (on wings like eagles) and get to the finish line that has been set before us!  He has already qualified us to win; let’s focus on the only place we were created to finish in… FIRST PLACE!  Victory!

Jesus came for one purpose… to Set the Captives Free!   It’s imperative we do our part!



This Certification Seminar will empower your clients to know:

Jesus was the ultimate example of finishing well. He went through trauma to every part of who He was. He finished His race and did it well. No matter what you have been through, with God’s help, you can finish your race well!.

There comes a time to make a decision. Am I going to stay where I am or am I going to finish well.

Get UP! Come learn how to walk in your authority and your true identity of who and whose you are. Let’s once and for all get some things done, that we are called to do, to advance the kingdom of God!

This Certification in in partnership with, “I Can Finish Well”, written by Tracy Boone.

Where: Eliazabeth, CO
When: June 8-10, 2017
Hostess: Traycy Boone

One day Stable Descipleship Training – Sunday June 11th. Break out Sessions: Stable Business, Stable Worship, How to follow the Unseen Facilitator, “I Can Finish Well” – ” Who Am I?”

Mark your calendars more for this Stable Coaching Seminar Certification!

More information to come soon!

This year we are offering Private Certifications, Private FBEAP Council, Private Team Building, and Private Healing and Deliverance.  We have more calls for private work this past six months than ever before.  We want to be available for you in any way we can.

We have been doing private sessions for Pastors, marriages, children challenged with addictions and learning challenges, loss of vision (depression) and anxiety (fear) issues.  We have also been working with competitive equestrians to remove fear barriers.  This work is completely confidential and private.  We are an effective, fun, and completely adaptable to real life situations.  If you find yourself or a loved one trapped in a negative pattern, there is hope for complete freedom.  Jesus came to set the captive free, FBEAP is the most effective way of locating wrong patterns of thought and replacing them with right, healthy, Godly, thinking.

We are committed to seeing the body of Christ walking in the freedom Jesus died for them to have.

To book private sessions email us at: or call 608-712-6217