To educate, promote, and support professionals in the practice of authentic equine-assisted work.  Authentic equine-assisted work honors and integrates natural horse and herd behavior as a model for human mental, emotional, and spiritual health using the equine-assisted philosophies.

Who is Elaine?

Elaine Davis brings you decades of experience working with horses and people, and is a seasoned and ordained Minister, a Trainer of trainers in EAP/EAL and FBEAP, and an inspirational Speaker. As the founder and President of Unbridled, LLC, Elaine has helped hundreds of people find healing and freedom through equine experiential learning on her ranch, Unbridled!, and also on location around the country. She has gone on to develop Faith-Based Equine Assisted Philosophy (FBEAP) and developed The Stable Guide ™ Series – Seminar Certifications to teach FBEAP and to equip and certify FBEAP Facilitators and Trainers. In 2012, Elaine founded the FBEAP Association to serve the growing FBEAP movement. For information on membership in FBEAPA or to follow the growing conversation among FBEAPA members, please visit the FBEAPA Online Community.  Elaine established Unbridled™  in 2005 has been leading  Equine Assisted Learning Certification Seminars since 2007.  Currently, Elaine is on staff and serving at Door of Hope, Mankato, Minnesota.

Elaine Davis


Anointed beyond words! Ordained straight from Heaven! Holy Spirit drenched! Kingdom of God alignment! Glory rain of God covered! Elaine Davis is one in a million with a heart of God in Love carrying out and empowering others to do the same! Blessed beyond measure to have attended this weekend – and committed to carry this vision forward to be multiplied in all the earth.

Wanda Eastwood

Dear Elaine,

Thank you for changing my life! While attending your seminar in IA I had an experience with Jesus like never before. I could feel His love and clearly heard Him speak to me. He showed me how I could help others by working with The Holy Spirit and horses! He spoke to me so clearly that for the next days to come I wrote down my vision and missions start next. I’m so grateful for you and Faith Based Equine Assisted Philosophy. I am eternally grateful.”

Kris Edwards


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