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A brand new FBEAP Seminar Certification is coming to an arena near you 🙂  We are introducing the Stable Herd (Healthy Families) Stable Guide Seminar.  We will teach you how to lead families toward experiencing what God has intended for his children concerning the family.  The horses thrive by positively confronting everything, maintaining peace, moving forward to greener pastures, staying safe, paying attention, knowing their place in the herd, as t hey maintain unity at all costs!  This is a fun, 100 % effective, family enhancement tool!

October 14-16  we have our first Stable Herd booked at Shiloh Meadows Ranch, in Campton Hills, IL.  Our wonderful Hostess is Bonnie Phillips.  This Certification Seminar will teach you to partner with The Unseen Facilitator (The Holy Spirit) and horses to develop healthy, stable families.  The question remains… what will it costs families if they don’t understand how to thrive in the midst of the times and situations we find ourselves in.

You can call us today at 608-712-6217 to book a FBEAP – Stable Herd at your farm or ranch!  It’s exciting to see what God will do through this new Certification Seminar.