Good Morning Guys and Gals!

I had the privilege of doing an interview with Jason Schubert of  We had a wonderful chat over coffee about all things Faith Based Equine Assisted Philosophy!  It was great!  I’m so thankful to Greg Kersten, the father of our work and all  authentic Equine Assisted Learning work, for recommending Jason call me!  This is such a great network of Facilitators we have!

Among other things (lots of other things), we talked about our new Stable Guide Seminars, Healing and Deliverance, and Striding Through Grief (which we will be partnering with Tracey Boone, author of, I Can Finish Well.  It’s exciting to see and experience the huge changes that are happening across FBEAP!  Our ‘Unseen Facilitator’ is really showing up and showing off in arenas across the world.  As he leads us to recognize lies we have believed to be true, He replaces them with The Truth that sets us FREE! UNBRIDLED!!!   As we learn to be softer in His hands, give more easily to His cues, there is not trail we can’t travel safely and with great  joy!

If you get the chance go to:   There are so many new things happening in the Faith Based Equine Assisted work world!  This truly is “The Great Adventure”!

Giddy UP!

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Unbridled ™

Join us May 17-19, 2019 for our  Unbridled Freedom! (Healing and Deliverance) Seminar Certification.

Host:  Unbridled™

19262 Englewood Rd, Lake Crystal, MN  56055

Contact:  Elaine Davis:  608-712-6217  or email:

*Learn how to partner with Holy Spirit and horses to set people free from wrong patterns of thoughts and actions that have held them in bondage.

*Learn how to allow our Unseen Facilitator, the Holy Spirit, to speak Truth to lies we have believed to be true, recognize the voice of Holy Spirit, replace the lies with the Truth, to acurately act upon His leading, and experience being Unbridled!  Free!  Having Perfect Liberty!

*Learn to recognize the voice of Holy Spirit and the power of ‘being still and knowing He is God.’

*Each exercise is 100% successful because it is Holy Spirit and His nature in the horses that lead us to be Unbridled™!

This Seminar includeds:  Three days of intense training,  The Stable Guide ™ : Unbridled Freedom!  (Healing and Deliverance), new exercises, tools, individual training with horses, Worship (how and why we worship), individual ministry,  snacks, lunches, drinks, lots of time to Circle UP and ask questions, as well as how to use this tool for your particualr ministry or business, and a list of the new FBEAP Facilitators for beginning and expandig your Herd!

Group in a Barn

*Business councel is available for a seperate fee and will be held the next day. (If there are people who want help getting started in their own business or have some questions about the work they are already doing with Faith Based Equine Assisted Philosophy.)

We will go out to dinner Saturday evening for fun and fellowship.  This is an extra fun time to build relationship and strengthen our Herd. We also have an Unbridled™ Boutique that has Unbridled™ wear, gifts, and tools.  So bring some extra fun money for these offerings!

Dress for the barn in spring!  It’s usually about 70 degrees, BUT I have seen it snow or be in the 80’s so check the weather before you come.

We have a special discount at the GrandStay in Madelia, MN.  It’s about 15 minutes from the farm.  It’s very nice, includes breakfast, has a cozy fireplace area to meet and hang out with new friends, a pool, wifi, and a Business Center.  This is the same town we go out to dinner in, so it is very conveniant.  Their # is 507-706-8003.   Tell them you are with Elaine Davis and Unbridled ™

Unbridled™ has been serving ministers and business owners since 2003.