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NEW Seminar Certification!  Unbridled From Trauama

Learn to partner with the Holy Spirit (our Unseen Facilitator) and horses to set people free from Trauma of all kinds.  This is applicable to recovery from all kinds of abuse, deeply distressing or disturbing experiences, and physical injury.  Only our living God can actually heal and set a broken heart free.  Only He can Unbridle those in bondage!

Where:  Unbridled! Learning and Training Center

19262 Englewood Rd

Lake Crystal, MN  56005

When:  September 28-30,  2018

Hostess: Elaine Davis – Unbridled LLC

Cost:  $795.00

Mark this date!

Details and registration coming soon!

Certification price includes Certification, lunches, snacks and drinks.

We will go to dinner Saturday evening fIor fun and fellowship.

Bunks available at a beautiful horse camp located on the Lake.  It’s a very simple, peaceful camp and the cabins are right on the water!  Prices and details coming soon.

We will post a list of hotels in the area.



New FBEAP Certification – Unbridled From Grief!

We will experience working with Holy Spirit and horses to lead people to the ‘peace that passes understanding in Christ Jesus’.  The Word of God teaches us that there is a time to mourn and a time for joy, this Certification will show you how to lead people from one season to the next by following the Holy Spirit’s lead.

Where:  Unbridled! Learning and Training Center

Island Farm

19262 Englewood Rd

Lake Crystal, MN  56055

Contact:  Elaine Davis


When:  May 18-20.2018

Cost:  $795.00

Mark this date!  Registration will be available shortly.  We are working on the 2018 Calendar of Events!

Unbridled! will have a Horse Camp on the Lake available to our clients this year. (No horse boarding available) It is beautiful, simple, and peaceful; perfect for a Retreat!  It is less than a quarter mile from our facility!  God is good!  I will get that information to you as soon as prices and offerings are settled.