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Recovering from major traumatic events… yes, it’s possible!


No matter what we need help with, the answer is found in Jesus.  When the voices in our heads are screaming all different kinds of messages, the Truth brings stability and hope back into our lives.  When the ‘wind and the waves’ beat hard against our hearts and minds, when we feel we are sinking beyond any possible help, it is Jesus who can and will reach out His hand and restore us.

Partnering with the Holy Spirit and horses is one of the easiest, least painful ways to find peace.  Their ability to stay in the present, be real, stay grounded, look and move forward toward greener pastures, is what helps us to do the same.  They are real, now, and forward looking… just like Jesus!

No matter what we are facing in these days where tragedy and trauma is a way of life in this world, we can stand on solid ground.  We can plant our feet in ‘green pastures’ of Truth, and lift our eyes up to the place our  help comes from… our help comes from the Lord!  Horses are the perfect partners in this healing work.  They demonstrate what the Holy Spirit is saying.  In a day where we can’t see ‘the way’ with our natural vision, we can learn to hear the voice of Holy Spirit and follow Him to be restored and stay safe.


Unbridled!  will be in Marshalltown, IA, serving the Marshalltown Police Emergency Dispatchers.  We will be rallying Facilitators in the area to help.   Our team will be helping them process and heal from the aftermath of the tornado that destroyed so many things in Marshalltown.  Please life us all up in prayer.  Marshalltown Police Department Chaplain, Jennifer Daniel will be on site with us, and working beside us.

God gives us beauty for ashes, and strength for pain.  He is the restorer of all things lost!  He makes a way when there seems to be no way!

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