2021 Practicing the Presence of God!!!

This year is going to be amazing! We are in the perfect position for personal revival! I see no needs in front of me… accept to learn to stay in the presence of God as a way of life! We will learn what Peter learned when He stepped out of the boat in the storm! Peter had great faith… he got out of the boat and headed for Jesus (who was walking on the water). He was the only one who got out of the boat, He recognized and believed in Jesus. He looked like he had it together… at first. He got out of the boat, he began walking on top of the water, but then he staryted looking at the storm around him… and HE SANK. I just imagine him dropping below the waves, fighting to the top, spitting out water, and sinking under again… I imagine the next time he came up and wildly looked towards Jesus. As he put his focus on his Savior, Jesus lifted him from the stormy sea. Jesus told Peter to keep his eyes on him and not be looking at the wind and the waves that threatened to destroy him. I can really relate to Peter. I want to follow Him, I believe He is my Savior. I say I will follow Jesus anywhere. Too often when circumstances go bad, people let me down, I loose something I love, or the political and world scene look hopeless, I sink. I feel sad, depressed, and my hope dims. Andd then I remember what Jesus said. Keep your eyes on Me. Just like when Peter put his focus back on Jesus, Jesus liften him from the sea! Peter did nothing more and nothing less, that putting his eyes on Jesus. Peter had to do it. He had to obey. As soon as He did he rose from the water and was present with Jessus again.

In 2021, my message is going to be in agreement with Jesus and the nature of the wild horse herd: Be Truthful, stay present with Jesus, and move forward. In the presence of Jesus, all of heaven, all of the Word, all of God’s heart towards us is available! In His presence is the fullness of joy… knowing that He is glad to be with us! If we know first hand that He is for us, then we will be fully convinced that He is for us. If He is for us, who can be against us! Practicing His presence is the position we must live in if we expect to see ‘His Kingdom come His will be done, in our lives as it is in heaven!’
This year I will live more like a wild horse… I will endeaver to live fully engaged with the living Jesus! I will obey and move forward towards Him. We will be looking for those three things in our FBEAP arenas… Truthful. Present. Forward!
Giddy UP!
I love you all!

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