A New Season Has Begun!

Elaine and Tom

The snow has begun to fall, the temperature is falling, the fireplace is blazing inside, and outside I can see the horses filling up on lots of good hay in their new pasture.   I’m enjoying all of this in Mankato, MN, with my new husband Tom Davis!  That’s right, I married the man of my dreams and we have relocated Unbridled LLC to Mankato, MN!    Tom and I are very busy getting the horses settled into their new white fenced farm just outside of town.

Unbridled LLC has relocated (better with Tom’s business savvy!) and will continue to serve those who desire to partner with The Holy Spirit and horses to help ‘Set the Captives Free’ and empower the body of Christ to be all that Jesus died for her to be.  Our contact information remains the same;  phone: 608-712-6217 and email: elaine@unbridledfaith.org

This year I will use the business name: Elaine Davis.  This is only for the benefit of our clients.  Personally, I am (and always will be :)) Elaine Davis.

I’m looking forward to Tom getting to meet you all in the near future!  Tom has a business here in Mankato, Davis Comfort Systems, is a professional fisherman (for fun!), has a ministry called Reel Faith Outdoors. and does a fund raising fishing tournament for  Teen Challenge/Young Life each spring. Tom is one of us… a real horse lover!  He roped cattle for a lot of years, has two wonderful geldings of his own, and has put a lot of work into making a wonderful place for my mares to settle into!  Our family is now complete; Tom and me,  Bailey, our British Cream Lab, our four horses, Buck, Trinity, Charlie, and Legacy!  We’re all together and ready for our first Minnesota winter as a family!

I also want to thank you for all your support, grace, mercy, and love during the past months!  There have been so many exciting and challenging changes; it’s been a stretch to keep up on everything 🙂  We are currently working on the web site, schedules, and new ideas for 2016!  Stay tuned for updates on what God is leading Unbridled LLC to in this new season!

Be sure to call me to book your event in 2016!  We are looking for 6 horse farms that would like to be an official Unbridled LLC Host sight.  This would mean that we would return every or every other year, and would not only do a Certification Seminar but also classes geared at getting your business/ministry up and running strong!  We are looking for a well equipped horse farm in each zone of the U.S., as well as the U.K. Austrailia, Canada, etc.  This will allow for a more thougough training opportunities for FBEAP Facilitators.  I will blog about this more in the coming months!

Elaine and Tom
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