“Lessons Learned From A Horse” by Mary Jo Shane

It was a beautiful day at Unbridled Faith Farm and I wanted to enjoy a bit of the day playing with the horses. What else would you do on a beautiful sunny day? Well, Elaine asked me to jump on Legacy bareback while she had her on a long line. Legacy isn’t real use to someone on her bareback. Elaine figured there would be some bucking involved. There was, but nothing I couldn’t sit through. Then Elaine asked me to take her around the arena and ask her to lope. She is very well trained and every move I would make meant something to her. Actually every move I made meant nothing to her. I couldn’t even get her to move forward a step. Elaine pointed out that when I was riding the buck I had my head up and eyes forward but when I was asking her to lope I was looking down and holding back. Mmmmm………..My body wasn’t giving her the same message as my leg cue was. Open up your inside hip, give her the cue, let her have her head and relax. I did, with my head up and eyes forward and voila! a beautiful forward motion and a smooth ride. Sometimes in life we have no problem riding the buck, its that forward motion after the buck. Relax, head up, eyes forward, let God give you the cue, and enjoy the ride.

Mary Jo Shane
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